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Six Months
Fashion Design
& Illustration

Beginner Program

The Course

SIMABREW FASHION BUSINESS FACULTY takes you through an intensive 6 months fashion design & illustration, followed by a three(3) month internship with SFBFaculty after which you are awarded merit based certificates to seal the course completion.

Tution Fee

  • Local Student

  • 4700 GHS
    Entire course duration
  • Int'l. Students

  • 1300 USD
    Entire course duration

SFBFaculty offers an installment payment plan for training. The required amount can be paid in three(3) installment.

Payment terms schedules are as follows;

First Tranche

70% Upfront payment prior commencement of class

Second Tranche

15% on the 15th day of the second month

Third Tranche

15% on the 15th day of the subsequent month after the second tranche payment.

Three Sessions

Class Schedule


Morning Class Schedule

Monday – Thursday | 9:00am – 1:00pm


Evening Class Schedule

Monday – Thursday | 4:30pm – 8:00pm

Weekend Classes

Weekend Class Schedule

Saturdays Only | 9:00am – 5:00pm


Our Promise

After a period of intensive study at the Faculty, students have a dramatically improved understanding of how the fashion industry works and a unique insight into the broad range of career opportunities available within the sector.

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Why Take This Course

Simabrew Fashion Business Faculty has created this course to teach fashion and inspire young minds, unlock creativity, promote life skills and provide you with an early insight into the best future career option. As well as giving you a fascinating introduction to the varied current world of fashion, the course teaches valuable transferable skills including the ability to work within a team, problem solve, meet targets, communicate visually and speak clearly and confidently in public. These skills are not only vital to the fashion industry but throughout life itself.
Throughout the program you will have various exclusive experiences such as workshops, masterclasses, talks from brilliant industry experts from trend forecasting, buying, fashion illustrators and merchandisers.

Programme Requirement

Our fashion design program does not require prior knowledge and experience in fashion design. For new designers, an introductory class for sewing is included during the first tier. Student with some knowledge in fashion are also welcome to enroll and benefit the most from the course.

Entry Requirement

SFBFaculty does not require any qualification for admission in our program, but we highly recommend that students attend an orientation interview after applying. During the interview we shall give you detailed information on our course, and define better which approach most suits you and discuss present and future job opportunities.

Sudents Responsibility

Students responsibilities includes timely and regular attendance and participation in classes and seminars. Complete the assigned work in a timely manner with attention to quality of work. Utilize the facility’s resources and seek help when needed.

Sudents Expectation

We provide the support and help to lead our students to achieving their goals by the end of the program. Student are expected to be able to draft patterns and have basic knowledge in entrepreneurship, business and financial management. Student will be awarded merit based certificate to seal the course completion.
Fashion Show on the day of graduation to formally launch the students clothing line to the fashion industry.

Beyond Graduation

Student will be featured on various fashion runway shows both local and international platform to give them enough exposure.. In order to qualify for this, Student needs to :

  • Complete the entire course which consists of 6 months intensive training.
  • Participate in a graduate internship program at the atelier for a further 3 months.
  • Complete all project works and submit them on time.
  • Student will be given the opportunity to market their designs on our platform(online Store).
Industry Affiliation

In an industry where networking and making the right internal connections are vital for optimal exposure for those about to enter the world of fashion, SFBF reach into the industry is well-established, with a commitment to making every opportunity available to its students.




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